2019 4th Annual Ground Zero Animation EXPO

Video by Ay Tita – @artfultita 

Ground Zero Animation EXPO is an annual event held in Orange County, CA. For our 2019 4th Annual GZAEXPO it will be held at The Boys and Girls Club of Stanton. The EXPO caters to those interested in breaking into the Animation industry or anyone who appreciates animated films, shows & shorts. The event also focuses on all parts of the industry from illustration, publishing, stop motion, fabricating and claymation/puppetry to character design, 3D modeling, prop/background design and much more.

Industry professionals are there to share all day at their tables, through panels, demos, lectures, workshop and during unique one on one interactions. Ground Zero is a grassroots show that has a big impact.

We have also started offering monthly Workshops & Classes in order to keep the education flowing year round!

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INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS: PROFESSIONAL APPLICATION FOR 2019. We are always in need of top professionals to share their experiences and knowledge with students & those who desire to break into the industry. Please CONTACT US if you would like more info or to fill out an application.

UP & COMING ARTISTS: UP-and-COMING APPLICATION FOR 2019. Each year we select undiscovered talent to fill the Up & Coming Animation Alley! If you think you’d be a great fit, please CONTACT US.

WORKSHOPS & CLASSES: We are now offering workshops, demos, lectures and panels throughout the year with top industry & freelance professionals. Learn more!

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VOLUNTEERS: We can always use extra help! At Ground Zero Animation EXPO we reward our volunteers and make them feel appreciated. If you are interested in more information, please CONTACT US.

Photos by @artfultita