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COCO: Breathtaking

COCO image from for something to do this holiday weekend? COCO was a home run for us and feel that seeing it on the big screen was visually stunning, a feeling you can’t get from your living room. Take the time and your hard earned funds to watch this in theaters with as many family members & friends that you have.

From beginning to end, COCO was beautiful, creative and stayed strong. Using traditional Mexican Papel Picado flags used to set up the story, the first strum of the guitar, traditions and the history of Mexico are just a hint of how wonderful this movie was.

Anthony Gonzales was incredible & believable as a young Miguel. The facial expressions animators created while he plays made you feel his love for music. Something we can relate to with our own passions. Witty writing & adult humor the children won’t catch will keep you laughing. Lovable & memorable sidekicks will fill your heart.

Everyone who worked on this film should be proud. The animation is nothing shy of breathtaking. Pixar shares a clip of concept art leading up to the feature makes you appreciate what you are about to watch. There is so much we loved about this movie and don’t want to give it away!

Support animation and do yourself a favor, see COCO in theaters!

Have you seen this film? We’d love to hear what you think! *No spoilers please*

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