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Congrats to our GZAEXPO Contest Winner: Michael Essa

Each year we host a contest for up-and-coming applicants. We had some incredible entries this year, but Mike Essa captured the theme and will have prints of his design available for purchase at his GZAEXPO table!

Meet our 2018 “Fantasy in Animation” contest entry winner for GZAEXPO & Up-and-Coming vendor @mikessart, Mike Essa:

What inspired your piece?

“This piece was inspired by my favorite type of stories which are buddy-buddy stories. Ones where the opposite attracts the other and just some how gets stuck with them when, unbeknownst to them, they will both have a fruitful and meaningful relationship towards the end of the story. ”

About Mike:
Mike grew up always watching any form of animation with his brother & friends. As they moved on to doing more “adult” things, he remained watching cartoons & animation as he grew. Once Mike realized this is what he wanted to get into as a goofy kid, he started drawing and practicing his abilities every day. Today Mike makes a living as a freelance Character Designer, Pre-visual & Storyboard Artist for TV animation along with illustrating 3 children’s books to his name. He is eager to break into an animation studio to bring his knowledge & ideas to the table, showing them what he’s made of.

Follow Mike: @mikessart

The Princess and the PetMike and Kermit

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