Check out our 2019 Cover Artists!

We are so excited to announce that we will have 2 artists creating 2 different limited covers for our 2019 4th Annual GZAEXPO booklet!

•About Ricky De Los Angeles
I’m from a small town in California and spent my days drawing a lot. After learning that I could be an animator for a living, I made that my goal from an early age. I went thru the CalArts animation program but when traditional animation all but disappeared, I turned to drawing caricatures at parties and events, which morphed into pursuing character design and illustration. This led to a few freelance opportunities with Bento Box, Disney TV Animation, illustrated my first kid’s book, and drew some more caricatures, even some on the East Coast with a traveling caricature group. I did some 2d digital animation for video-games at WayForward Technologies for a bit, until I landed a spot at Disney CreatIve Group/Disney Consumer Products, as a Character Artist, where I draw Disney characters that will end up on merch. I recently illustrated the Disney/Pixar “COCO” book: “Miguel and the Amazing Alebrijes.” It’s a great time to be an artist, with so many opportunities to share our art, and connect with more artists than ever! I’m thankful to be drawing for a living, and excited to try new things and meet new people in this awesome creative family. @rickyanimation

•About Christine Knopp
Christine Knopp is a full time freelance illustrator who is the founder of KikiDoodle and the creator of Purrmaids. She has worked in games doing concept art for Disney Interactive, and has illustrated several children’s books and book covers including the Eisner nominated RIKKI. Christine has had a deep love for animation since she was a little girl, making up stories and imagining them as potential movies or tv shows. She currently lives in Portland, Oregon with her sphynx cats and Partner and spends a lot of her free time playing board games or traversing to the zoo. @kikidoodling

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