Check out our 2019 Cover Artists!

We are so excited to announce that we will have 2 artists creating 2 different limited covers for our 2019 4th Annual GZAEXPO booklet!

•About Ricky De Los Angeles
I’m from a small town in California and spent my days drawing a lot. After learning that I could be an animator for a living, I made that my goal from an early age. I went thru the CalArts animation program but when traditional animation all but disappeared, I turned to drawing caricatures at parties and events, which morphed into pursuing character design and illustration. This led to a few freelance opportunities with Bento Box, Disney TV Animation, illustrated my first kid’s book, and drew some more caricatures, even some on the East Coast with a traveling caricature group. I did some 2d digital animation for video-games at WayForward Technologies for a bit, until I landed a spot at Disney CreatIve Group/Disney Consumer Products, as a Character Artist, where I draw Disney characters that will end up on merch. I recently illustrated the Disney/Pixar “COCO” book: “Miguel and the Amazing Alebrijes.” It’s a great time to be an artist, with so many opportunities to share our art, and connect with more artists than ever! I’m thankful to be drawing for a living and excited to try new things and meet new people in this awesome creative family. @rickyanimation

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