Marissa Suto

Meet another major player for GZAEXPO, Marissa Suto! We were fortunate enough to meet Marissa right after our first year of Ground Zero because she jumped right on board to not only help as a volunteer, but also take over our sister show, Fan*Alley Artist Lodge as the Creative Curator.

Without the help of Marissa, we wouldn’t have been able to let go of the responsibilities for the Artist Lodge to focus on GZAE. She is a hard worker, always early & rises to every occassion. She helps by using her talent and ideas to make Ground Zero extraordinary each year.



My name is Marissa Suto, and I am an artist and printmaker based in Orange County. I received my BA in General Studio arts at CSUF, and I am currently pursuing MFA degrees in both Printmaking and Exhibition Design. I am both the founder and artist behind my company HumAlong Productions, which I run out of my home studio. I work primarily in relief printmaking (woodcut, linocut), and sell my work online, at conventions and other art shows. I’m absolutely nuts about anything to do with Halloween, and my work reflects that as it tends to have a dark humor, and features things like monsters, dinosaurs, and zombie hands. When I’m not at school or hiding out in my studio, I put together pop-up art vending events and galleries as the Creative Curator of the Fan*Alley Artist Lodge.

I’ve helped out with the Ground Zero Animation Expo for the last two years, and I’ve had a blast doing so. I started out simply because Eva was (and is) a very good friend of mine, and she wanted some support at the show. I returned the next year because I loved seeing the event grow and come to life. I’m a “tell me what you need” kind of person, and I help out with many aspects of the event. Before the show, I can be found helping out with the paperwork, and organizing the schedules and documents that go into the show. At the event, I’m a general floater – I go where I’m needed, answer questions when I can, I help to organize the volunteers, lend assistance to the vendors and attendees, and float between running the raffle, snack bar, & button pressing station.

GZA is not a competitive, money-grubbing monolith like some conventions can be. It’s an event created by artists, for artists. I’m not going to lie, I know very little about the animation industry – but I do know that the art of animation is absolutely magical, and that magic is achieved through long hours, insane deadlines, and the incredible determination and talent from those brave enough to take it on. It’s an art form that should be accessible and shared with anybody seriously interested in the medium.

GZA wholeheartedly shares this opinion. I believe in the Ground Zero Animation Expo because I have seen the heart and soul that goes into coordinating and curating this event. Through her experiences, Eva has worked harder than I’ve ever seen anybody work to create a local and affordable networking environment where artists of any skill level and walk-of-life can come out and meet like minded creators in an intimate setting, take classes, and share their portfolios. They care about their artists, their attendees, their professionals, and they care about YOU.

I will always be there for the Ground Zero Animation Expo because I enjoy being involved in an organization of artists that work hard and care enough to help push other artists towards their goals or move forward in their industry.

I am excited to see how GZA grows and expands, and I hope to see you out there!

All art by Marissa Suto: @humalongproductions

Thank you Marissa Suto for always helping GZAEXPO grow & for believing in us each year. We couldn’t do it without you!


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