Matt Rasamoto

Another addition to the GZAEXPO crew, Matt (DrPunchman) Rasamoto! He started out as a volunteer at the 3rd annual Ground Zero Expo, but just would not shut up about wanting to help more — so we put him to work.

Matt is now responsible for much of the website including updates and design. So if anything breaks, blame him! Seriously, you can contact him and he will try to fix it as soon as he can. That’s his entire thing.

I look exactly like my grandmother…

My name is Matt Rasamoto and I do too many things. I’ve worked on websites for Paris Hilton, Marilyn Manson, and the great Taylor Negron. So I was a natural fit to give the GZAEXPO website that “early 2000s” look that all the kids talk about.

I’m not really a web guy though, it’s just a way that I could do my part for Ground Zero.

I found out about GZAExpo through the amazing Stephen Silver. I was looking for a good creative expo for those of us who really love art and the process of creating. Stephen said, “go bother Eva with this nonsense” and that’s what I did. I still annoy her to this day.

My favorite thing about Ground Zero is the variety of talent, artists of all ages, skill sets, mediums, styles are all basically given a level playing field. The only thing truly separating the artists is how much you like their art, and it’s all amazing.

GZAEXPO is a creative shot in the arm and it’s cool that Y’all let me hang around.

Not a short while ago, I worked in video games. One of the offices was rented out as an apartment to a man down on his luck.

Every other weekend, his daughters would come to visit. They were maybe five years old. They would run into my office and punch me.

One day, before their attack, one of them said: “let’s get the Punch-a-man”. It stuck.

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