Attending GZAEXPO

Want to attend the 2020 5th Annual Ground Zero Animation EXPO? Here are some fun tips on how to make the most of it!


GZAEXPO is only once a year and we want all attendees to benefit from this weekend full of panels, workshops, reviews and festivities! Here are some quick tips to help you better prepare and answers to some common questions you may have.

In the words of one of our favorite animated villains, “BE PREPARED!”

*Create a checklist (we love a good checklist!)

*Pack your ID, notebooks, sketch pads, writing & drawing utensils, and a tablet (not required, but if you have one, it doesn’t hurt), phone, phone charger, sunscreen and sunglasses.

*Panel tickets require a wristband. Purchase your tickets asap to avoid missing them.

*Workshop tickets do not require a bracelet. You must have your ticket in the form of an email or printed out when you are in line for your workshop.

*Don’t forget your panel and workshop tickets (this can be in the form of an email or a printed out ticket).

*If you purchased Group Panel or Workshop tickets, make sure you know your schedule. Line up 15 minutes early with the volunteer outside at the main entrance. Look for their sign listing your panel or workshop.  They will be standing under the small canopy 15 minutes early to start the line. They will walk attendees to their classroom 3-5 minutes prior to panel or workshop. We cannot guarantee every panel as seats are limited.

*Business cards

*Portfolio & Resume (if you have both or one). Head to to schedule.

*Button Pressing: Make your own buttons, $3 per press, CASH ONLY

*Opportunity Drawing –  Must be present with ticket as we will not ship.

*Live Cosplay Drawing: This is free and any attendee can draw our model, Ivory Hart, @theivoryhart. Please note that tipping is highly encouraged. Please check times and costumes here.

*Snack Bar available and vending machines. There is a Food 4 Less and McDonalds on the same block.

*Parking close may be difficult if you do not arrive early before we open. There is a 2.5 level parking structure. If you need more info, please check out our LOCATION & HELPFUL INFO page.

*CASH IS KING for an artist. This helps avoid credit card fees and fraud for GZAEXPO and our vendors. Please stop by an ATM on the way to the show. We have a Bank of the West next to our location. Cash will only be accepted for raffle, button pressing and panel ticket purchases.

*Dress comfortably and wear sunscreen. A/C is only provided in the classrooms, not in the main hall. We have large industrial fans, but it still can be very warm. We have limited space for panel and workshop lines, so you will be outdoors for no longer than 15 minutes at times (unless you choose to be outside longer). Before opening, our line will be in front of the building in the sun. We reserve the right to ask attendees wearing offensive clothing to change and they may attend once adjusted (i.e. foul language, inappropriate attire, etc.)

*Volunteers are there to help you. They will be wearing GZAE shirts + buttons. Our vendors will be wearing black lanyards.

*AFTER PARTY/MIXER: We will announce each year on our social media and on the Facebook event page where we plan on having a mixer the first night of GZAEXPO.

Any further questions or concerns, please email or ask GZAEXPO volunteers or manager at the event. We hope you have a wonderful time and encourage you to make the most out of this 2 day event!

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