Location and Helpful Information

Ground Zero Animation Expo is at the Boys and Girls Club of Stanton, CA.


Our ticketing services always send confirmation emails, so a paper ticket is not necessary, an email confirmation works as well. 

General Admission Tickets: Pre-Sale – $5/Day – December 1-December 31, 2019.

Panel Tickets: Pre-Sale – $10/Day – December 1-December 31, 2019.

General Admission Tickets:  $10/Day – Starting January 1, 2020

Panel Tickets: $15/Day – Starting January 1, 2020

Workshop Tickets will be sold around January 1, 2020 and are a separate ticket. Instructors will each charge a separate price and the majority of ticket sale goes to the professional instructor.

Panel & Workshop tickets must be purchased if you plan on attending group panels throughout the day/weekend. Group panels are limited seats and require a specialty panel ticket. This ticket must be present at the time of check in when you arrive to exchange for a bracelet. You must wear your bracelet all day and a new colored bracelet will be given out the 2nd day in case you bought 2 days of panel tickets.

If you purchased a workshop ticket, these are needed at the time of workshop. Your ticket will be needed when you line up for the workshop and ID is only required,  if ticket is lost/not present. You may only be able to stay inside the EXPO main floor if you have a general admission bracelet. Otherwise you can wait in the lobby for your workshop.


Free parking structure across from the Boys and Girls Club entrance. Once parking structure has filled up, we have been told that Food 4 Less is okay with overflow parking, but we cannot guarantee that. You can find local street parking but ask for you to look at all signs in local neighborhoods. Parking at the park behind the Stanton Police Station is not a guarantee and again, we can only guarantee parking in the structure. We are not responsible for parking tickets, towing or any other parking violations. We provide the large parking structure by the Boys and Girls Club and advice everyone to park early. PLEASE DO NOT PARK ON THE GROUND LEVEL OF PARKING GARAGE.

You can always take LYFT or UBER if you have to park a few blocks away.


MAP of our location – click on the link to see photos and a map of our location

Directions from Los Angeles:

I-5 South

Exit Beach Blvd/ CA 39 South & Turn Right (stay on Beach Blvd. for 4.4 miles)

Turn Right onto Katella Avenue *major light* (stay on Katella Avenue for 0.2 miles)

Turn Left onto Cedar Street +little light just after Food 4 Less*

Parking structure is past the Boys and Girls Club on your right.

Directions from San Diego:

I-5 North

Use the right 2 lanes to take exit 106 to merge onto CA-22 W toward Long Beach (stay on the 22 for 7.2 miles)

Use the right 2 lanes to take exit 8 for CA-39/Beach Blvd. and turn Right (stay on Beach for 2.1 miles)

Use the left lane to turn left onto Katella Avenue *major light* (stay on Katella Avenue for 0.2 miles)

Turn Left onto Cedar Street +little light just after Food 4 Less*

Parking structure is past the Boys and Girls Club on your right.

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There will be a snack bar available and pizza is usually available starting at 12pm for attendees to purchase at our event. We are located on the same block as FOOD 4 LESS and McDonalds. There is a Jack in the Box within walking distance. We also have a water fountain and snack/drink options in our vending machines.


We are only allowing cash for GZAEXPO transactions, however vendors may accept cards. There is a Bank of the West in the Food 4 Less Parking lot on our block. Cash is always encouraged and allows vendors to avoid fees and faster transactions.


Plenty of restrooms on site which include a 1 person restroom as well.


There is a park behind the Sheriff’s Department where children can play and you can get some R&R.


We have handicap access at our event. Handicap parking is limited in the parking structure. Please arrive early to park. You must have a handicap license plate in order to park. No elevator at the parking structure.

SMOKING (includes vaping & marijuana)

Please smoke at least 200 yards away from our building and parking structure. There is a very large park at the end of Cedar, the end of Cedar on the corner of Katella, and a parking lot at Food 4 Less behind us. Please be respectful of others. Smoking of any kind, even vaping, is not allowed indoors. Thank you for understanding.


This is an alcohol & drug free zone. Please do not bring either. If we feel that anyone is under the influence, we reserve the right to escort attendees out and will not allow them back in.


We are only allowed to let service animals inside the event. You must have a vest/ID to prove they are a service animal. Attendee is responsible for pets and anything they do. Boys and Girls Club and GZAEXPO is released from all pet & pet owner actions.


There are large fans in the main hall and lobby. We do not provide A/C except in the classrooms where workshops and panels take place.


Dress comfortably and wear sunscreen. We have limited space for panel and workshop lines, so you will be outdoors for no longer than 15 minutes at times (unless you choose to be outside longer). You may be outdoors for awhile if you choose to line up before 10am before opening. Our entrance line will be in front of the building in the sun. We reserve the right to ask attendees wearing offensive clothing to change and they may attend once adjusted (i.e. foul language, inappropriate attire, etc. Please be respectful when choosing your outfits. Tip: We love animation and we hope you do too! Choosing something to celebrate the weekend is awesome!)