October 2018 Classes

October 6th: TICKETS ON SALE FOR ONLY $10!

2:30pm-3:30pm: Internships:  How to Find Yours & Succeed

4pm-5pm: I’ve Graduated, Now What?

5pm-7pm: Portfolio & Networking Event

($2 at the door with free ticket)

I’ve Graduate, Now What? – Presented by Elisabeth Zarate

Topics to include:
– Prepping a year before I graduate
– Appointment with college job counselor
– Resume, portfolio (paper and online)
– Interview prep
– Participate in Alumni Associations and school interest groups
– Types of Jobs:  freelance, temp agencies, part-time, full-time
– Starting from the bottom ranks is okay
– Notate what you learn along the way in a job reference guide you create
– Make and keep contacts as you go along


I've Graduated Now What Flyer

Internships:  How to Find Yours & Succeed! – Elisabeth Zarate

Learn how to find an internship that can help your career goals. Get a sneak peak as to what to expect during your intership. Get advice on keeping in touch with connections after your internship.


About the Professional: Elisabeth Zarate

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Elisabeth Zárate contributed to Consumer Products, Creative Services for fifteen years and then six years at DC Comics, both are divisions of Warner Bros. She first worked as a Production Artist inking characters such as Looney Tunes and for the Harry Potter properties. The responsibilities extended to the production of style guides. At DC Comics, she managed an in-house staff of ten to twelve, vendors and usually interns during the summer. The distribution partners at DC Comics grew from one to twelve distribution partners while she was the Director of Digital Production. Mentoring was a huge part of her career. Past men-tees of hers have landed jobs at Apple, Elephant Design Firm, DC Comics, Lionsgate, Disney and Warner Bros. Consumer Products. Elisabeth graduated with a B.A. in Art from UCLA.


PORTFOLIO & NETWORKING EVENT – 5pm-7pm, October 6th



Shy artist? Scared to hear what people have to say, but you want feedback? We hear you & have created a 2 hour event for artists 16 yrs and up!

What you’ll need to attend:

Free Eventbrite ticket for RSVP, but $2 cash at the door.

• Portfolio (whatever you have, even if it’s a work in progress)

• Pen/pencil & sketch pad

• Business cards (if you don’t have them, this would be a great time to make them)

• Positive attitude

Who can attend:

*Industry professionals

*New & seasoned artists looking to work in the industry or on personal projects. We cater to the animation industry, but always love illustrators, comic book artists, writers looking for artists, etc.

What to expect:

*Doors will close at 5:15pm, so be professional & arrive between 4:30 and 4:45pm. We have about 3-5 professionals including NO HIATUS

*Free Parking in the structure across from event.

*We will be providing some refreshments and snacks, no alcohol.

*Be ready to network!

*Giving away swag bags at the end of the event.

*Giveaway opportunity for attendees who get their free Eventbrite ticket & stay for event.

The goal:

*Make new connections between fellow artists & professionals

*Possibly collaborate on projects after reviewing portfolios

*Practice networking & marketing

*Have fun!

Event info:

Oct. 6th, 5pm-7pm (ends at 7pm sharp)

Boys & Girls Club, 11050 Cedar Street, Stanton, CA 90680

Dress code: Be yourself, but be professional.

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